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Rule Breaking Consquences

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1Rule Breaking Consquences Empty Rule Breaking Consquences on Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:33 pm


If you break the rules once, you will get a warning, twice, you could get a warning or a temporal banning. 3 times is a temporal banning. More than 3 times suspended could end in never lifting banning or account termination. Staff will not be banned, but if they do break the rules they will be fired from there job and will become a regular member, once they are a real member they may be banned like a real member. Also, anyone who has a record of suspension or multiple times of breaking the rules will not be eligible to become a staff member, and your application will be declined. Please, look though the rules and do not break any of them! We don't take excuses here so think before posting.

Thanks For Your Consideration
-Jakerocks667, Administrator

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